Studio Shopping

Shopping with your local designer gives you:

  • Unique details
  • Luxurious fabrics
  • Collections that suit San Diego weather
  • Versatile separates
  • Comfortable fit with flattering styling
  • Wholesale designer-direct prices
  • New pieces that coordinate with the Papike People you already own
  • On site alterations at no cost
  • Direct & honest designer input regarding garment suitability to your coloring, figure, and lifestyle - when desired
  • Drive-up parking with easy access in a lovely country setting
  • An opportunity to support a local American designer passionately making clothes for women from all walks of life.

Can't Wait Until The Next Studio Shopping Weekend?

Papike People by Appointment might be just the thing for you. The option to come to the studio by yourself or with friends is easy to arrange and convenient. Contact Sharon @ 619 647-8797 or via our contact form. This is quality time spent on your best wardrobe purchases, and includes perfecting fit, color, and style to your best advantage. If you like this kind of malls, parking challenges, waiting in line, or hunting from store to store for a complete outfit, then having an appointment will serve you best. It is a lot of fun and stress-free!

Here's what customers have said about their Papike People Studio Shopping experiences:

“Wow! My pants were hemmed while I was shopping”

“Shopping at the studio gives me access to things that are not in the stores."

"These clothes make me feel special.”

“I love how you take care of me, and take all the worries out of shopping.”

“At the studio I can always add to my previous wardrobe choices, which gives me more versatility.”

“No sales person has ever told me not to buy things that don’t look good on me like you do. I appreciate that.”

“Coordinating my wardrobe is not easy for me. I love the tips and help I get with stretching my wardrobe from one season to another and making it work.”

“Sharon helps me to ease into the new trends, and shows me how to update my look so I can buy something new with confidence.”