Inspiration sets the creative process in motion. I am inspired by things that draw me in and make ideas explode in my mind, one leading into the next with no editing and no end in sight. It is a thrilling experience. Like finding music notes singularly strewn along an ordinary street. And, without notice or warning, I pick up one note, and then another, until I have put together the most beautiful and extraordinary bouquet of sounds, colors and dimensions. These, in turn, ignite into a complete symphony that feels unique, harmonious and contemporary at the same time. I haven’t stopped to think about how it will fit into my life, where it will take me, whether anyone else will like it, or how it will be of use. I just don’t care...because it is so fulfilling to be in the creative moment that nothing else matters.I can’t contrive inspiration, I can’t know where or when it will happen, and I can’t avoid it. I only know it when I see it, and after that it blows my mind, and that is when I know I have been inspired!

These are some of the "notes" that blew my mind on a recent visit to Paris. Click here to see how these inspirational moments translated into my newest collections.

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