Dysfunctional Closet Syndrome

Sharon Chats About…

Every woman knows there are four seasons. But, she may not know that those four seasons enable the fashion industry to control her desire to shop. It actually convinces her that she needs to buy clothes to suit the changing weather and trends. Every 12 weeks her wardrobe gets mixed up again, and so does she right along with it. When she goes to her closet to find clothes suitable for the day’s weather and activities, she sees a lot of clothes and nothing to wear!

Due to the mild weather patterns, women who live in the San Diego area can avoid this confusing system. Transitional wardrobe pieces can move from season to season and connect otherwise isolated units together. A vest can add warmth over a mock turtle in the winter, or act as a sleeveless jacket over a cami in the summer. Three-quarter length sleeves can provide arm coverage in fall or spring. Sheer shrug pieces provide pizzazz over any silhouette. The idea is to tie the wardrobe together through warm and cool weather with connecting pieces.

Overall, the closet becomes functional all year long. Another way to maximize the wardrobe is to stay focused with color by using 1-3 neutral colors, only 3 color stories, and prints that tie the stories together. This way “outfits” will move through the year with pivotal warm or cool pieces that allow the rest of the wardrobe to be worn. The fashion industry makes this almost impossible by discontinuing this year’s new colors for even “newer” colors next year. This makes it impossible to continue an existing wardrobe with any continuity. To make matters worse, women move forward with new fashion pieces that do not hang with the existing wardrobe, but never complete it either, and fail to discard the now idle clothes, left still hanging about the closet.

Papike People offers solutions to this dysfunctional closet syndrome. We coordinate our pieces for year round wear. In addition we add to our existing color stories for years to come, making “add-ons” much easier on the mind and pocket book. We also help women make workable and exciting purchases that will last season after season. I look forward to helping you with your wardrobe choices!