The Papike People Story


In 1982 Sharon decided to follow her dreams and launch her first collection from her home in southern California. The idea was simple: Use high quality fabrics, interesting details, and lots of prints to create comfortable, affordable, cute clothes for everyday women like herself. The mix and match concept caught on, and her following grew and grew. With children of her own, as well as a busy life style, she could really relate to these women.


Throughout the 35 year adventure, the dream grew and grew. Eventually retail stores entered the plan, followed by a wholesale business to stores around the country. The adventure far outweighed the original dream and has brought the collections to women for over 35 years.


The collections are now made and sold in San Diego, Ca. They can be found at the studio for direct purchase, online at, or at fashion shows, events, and fundraisers around San Diego County that are announced on the website under “events.”


The quintessential Papike People woman doesn’t want to look like her mother or her daughter and wants an updated look without looking too matronly or too racey. It is important for her to be comfortable, stylish, and put together without too much effort. The mix and mingle aspect of wardrobe planning is a huge bonus for women limited on time, money, or both. They also love the personal service available to them, and the opportunity to update the collections they already own with the pieces that will match back from the new collections currently available. Our typical client begins this journey at about age 40 and keeps on going as long as possible. Many clients have been with us over 20 years and are into their 80s now.